Royal Bastards: A Royal Disappointment

Title: Royal Bastards
Author: Andrew Shvarts
Year: 2017
Recommended to: Youths
Book Type: Library Book
Summary: After witnessing a horrific crime that they were never meant to see, Tilla (a bastard) must race to save the kingdom with the help of two other bastards, a disgraced warrior, and the royal princess.

Sworn to no one

Review: I mean, it was fine?

I was definitely expecting more. The premise of the book was so promising! A group of bastards sworn to no one but themselves must come together to potentially save the kingdom from a horrible war. I was hoping for something that gave me Six of Crows feels. What I got… was a little different.

The writing of Royal Bastards reminds me a great deal of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series. Everyone is kind of obnoxious, cliched, and the “plot twists” are never ending and equally obnoxious. However, while Maximum Ride is written in a very immature way… it is also more friendly to a younger teen audience. Royal Bastards baffled me because it was written in that James Patterson-like way, but the content was much heavier and more intense – especially with the romance and alcohol (as awkward as it was to read…).

The characters themselves are all pretty stereotypical YA. We have….
-Typical YA heroine (super average but also adored by literally everyone)
-Pretty, Pretty Princess (magical, poorly explained powers. Also her character was the least consistent)
-YA Brooding Hero (complete with tragic backstory that is hastily explained within a paragraph and apparently justifies everything about him)
-Momma’s Boy (I don’t even know. He made the least sense.)
-Comic Relief Boy (basically made lots of immature, gross sex jokes).

The story moved pretty slowly and the plot twists didn’t do much to help.
Royal Bastards is one of those books that makes me wonder if I’m becoming too old for YA lit because I did not find anything humorous or intriguing about this book or its characters…

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