Story Time

I’m studying to be a teen librarian, but I have also taken quite a few children’s classes because my personal belief is that it is best to be as well-rounded as possible. A teen librarian I knew told me that when the children’s librarian at her work is sick on a story time day, she is the one who is asked to step in and cover. This helped confirm for me that taking a few children’s classes would be well worth it.

This week, one of our assignments was to create a small story time video. For me, this task was daunting because I hate getting in front of a camera, especially to record myself. However, after a few attempts, I finally ended up with a result that was worth submitting for class. I’m sharing it on my blog to give my 2 followers (and whoever else reads this) a little idea of what a story time (attempt) looks like.



Did you like it?

Anyway, story times are great ways to introduce young children to books and learning. Librarians often schedule story times based on different age groups (baby time, toddler time, preschool, etc.), and they also do story times during their outreach programs to different places, such as schools. Story times are interactive with multiple components, like rhymes, singing, movement, stories, and crafts that are enjoyable and educational (motor skills are often a part of story time). They are also beneficial to caregivers, as they can observe the different techniques the librarian might use (like asking questions to engage the children) and apply those later on.

Most of all, story time is fun. Librarians might use different themes (mine was bugs), and they might tell stories with felt boards, puppets, etc. The possibilities are pretty endless with story times.

Have you been to a story time?

Check out your local library and ask them about the different programs they offer to children – our youngest patrons!


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