Dewey Decimators: Life’s a Pitch

Dewey Decimators: Life’s a Pitch

Today was one of the most beautiful Ohio days in the history of Ohio days. 75 degrees, more or less, sunny, with the most gentle breeze. The definition of a perfect day, especially compared to last Tuesday’s freezing rain.

Today, however, was not a perfect day for kickball, especially not the Dewey Decimators.

We practiced on Sunday by scrimmaging the team we beat last week, and we were feeling good about our chances for today’s game. Good, not cocky by any means though.

For one thing, Kylie and I got very lost trying to find the kickball field (oops).


We lost 13-5. It was quite a blow.

We started out pretty strong in the first inning, but things began to slide. The other team was much more aggressive and, quite frankly, athletic, and the referee seemed to make every call in their favor.

I can’t/won’t argue this too much because I’m pretty biased towards my own team, but the game felt pretty unfair.

A player from the other team also ran into me with all of his might and sent me flying. I hit the ground with a thud, and sat there, stunned. It was uncalled for and unnecessary. There was no need to push me over. He had plenty of room to run over home base, I’m a very small person, and I was nowhere near the ball, so it wasn’t like I could even try to get him out.

Part of me wants to believe it was an honest mistake. The other half of me refuses to believe this because the player walked by without offering to help me up or ask if I was ok.

My own team was shocked by this. One of the boys on my team was beyond furious, and truthfully,  I didn’t think he could ever be angry.

Later on, the player did ask if I was ok and put his hand on my shoulder. I shoved him off and walked away. When I told my dad, he told me I exhibited poor sportsmanship. Maybe he’s right.

So I feel a little bad now.


Anyway, the other team was aggressive and competitive. We definitely wanted to win, but we were also more laid back and just there to have fun. After all, it’s just kickball.

I guess that’s the point of this week’s Dewey Decimator post. We lost, it sucked, but honestly, I’m glad I’m on a team with people who care more about having fun than anything else. For the most part, we show good sportsmanship, we cheer each other on, we laugh and tease each other, but most of all, we remember that kick ball is just an after-work activity that is there for fun and entertainment. We could lose every game for the rest of the season (I hope we don’t but it could happen), but we would still have fun.

We took today’s loss in stride and went out to eat after the game. At our large table, everyone was involved in multiple conversations at once. The IT manager and I making small talk at opposite ends of the table, while everyone around us talked about sports. I learned a bit more about my teammates, like the fact that one of them does stand up comedy. That’s pretty cool. And most of us went to Catholic school until college, which was odd but funny to learn. 3 of us actually went to the same school. Dinner lasted a few hours until we all parted ways to go home because, well, we all have work tomorrow. Everyone except for the IT manager’s sister and myself will head to Main library in their respected divisions. I’ll go to my branch. We’ll tell our coworkers about our game, laugh off the loss, and insist that next week will be our week.

For now, I’m bruised, tired, and feeling pretty conflicted about how the other team and I handled the earlier incident.


But, really, I am happy that my team isn’t overly aggressive, and that we enjoy kickball for what it is – a game. Every Tuesday, I get to hang out with people I would normally never see outside of work. Two games and one scrimmage into the season, and I’m really surprised at how comfortable we all are around each other already.

Life’s a pitch, but good friends, coworkers, and teammates can make it a little better.

Rolling with the kicks.

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