Dewey Decimators: Gym Class Dropouts

You win some, you lose some. So it goes for the Dewey Decimators. We’ve won two games, and we just lost our second game, 11-0…. or maybe it was 12-0.

Either way, we got our butts kicked!

The day was odd enough with dark clouds constantly coming and going, threatening thunderstorms in between bursts of sunlight. Much to our surprise, there was no storm, and the weather was quite pleasant – mostly cloudy, about 74 degrees, with a gentle breeze. The field we played on, however, was something of a disaster as it was overgrown and poorly taken care of.

Was the state of the field the reason we lost? Probably not.

We just didn’t have a good game.

Anyone watching us probably thought that we all smeared oil all over our hands because we could not catch the ball to save our lives. As for our kicks? Not so great either. A few people had some good kicks, but the other team’s catching was on point, and I don’t think any of us made it pass second base.


The other team was fine. They weren’t overly aggressive like the team from a couple of weeks ago, but they weren’t as friendly as the team of scientists from last week. While playing catcher, I heard someone from the other team encouraging her teammate to try to knock any of our (the Dewey Decimators’) girls down while running to the bases.

Thankfully, no one got knocked down.

I even made it a game without falling on my face! (Whoooo!)

We lost, but it wasn’t a miserable loss. There was a great deal of laughter throughout the game, and I don’t think anyone was angry that we had an off night.

Rather than sulking, we went out to eat after the game and watched the Cavs get their butts kicked by the Celtics. Once again, conversation was constant around the table, with everyone talking to everyone. Being seated away from close friends didn’t prevent anyone from striking up a conversation with someone new.

Despite a bad loss, we had a fun night.

Game Highlights:

  • I got put on third base and actually caught the ball when it was thrown to me! Unfortunately, I forgot that I needed to be standing on the base to get the guy who was running out. So…he was safe.
  • One of our teammates showed up in swim trunks, again.
  • One of the girls brought her 3 dogs. They were adorable.

The Point of it All:

  • You don’t have to win to have fun. I think that, despite the embarrassing loss (we were DECIMATED… haha…), The Dewey Decimators had a lot of fun on the field and at the restaurant. What really matters is the people you surround yourself with, and I’m glad I’m surrounded by funny, thoughtful, intelligent, unathletic librarians.
Living our best lives… or at least we’re trying to.

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