Dewey Decimators: Recess Rejects

Dewey Decimators: Recess Rejects

For anyone who follows the adventures of the lovable, yet unathletic Dewey Decimators, you might have noticed that there wasn’t a Dewey Decimators post last week. For that, you can thank the heavy storms that left our fields too much of a mess to risk playing on.

That’s the bad news.

The good news? We played today!

The bad news (part 2) We lost today!

Yup, another loss for the Dewey Decimators. It was pretty brutal, too, around 16-4.


The game started out a bit rough with the weather. While there were no storms to ruin the field, it was a perfectly sunny day that was also very hot. I think ideal kickball weather is 73 degrees. Today was in the upper 80’s.

I never thought I would get to a point in kickball where I would determine what ideal kickball playing weather is… yet here I am.

Anyway, on top of it being too hot… we didn’t have a referee or umpire or whatever you’re supposed to call it. We delayed the game for a few minutes, hoping that the guy was running late…. but after some time, we agreed to just play without the referee/umpire/whatever.

(Fun fact: the referee/whatever ended up showing up in the 5th or 6th inning. He was not a happy camper).

It was a pleasant surprise that we were able to play pretty well with the other team. They made most of the calls regarding what was a strike, a ball, etc., and the funny thing was that they pretty much argued amongst themselves while we stayed quiet. Even though they let us off easy with some calls, we still managed to lose.

Is it because we suck?

Well, no, actually.

The team we played is really good. They’ve won the varsity league of kickball (yes, that’s a thing) and are pretty well known for being one of the best teams.

So did the loss hurt?

Not really. You win some, you lose some…. Sometimes you lose a few weeks in a row. Like the Cleveland Cavaliers, I hope we’ll have a comeback.

Maybe Lebron James can find some time to join the Dewey Decimators.  That’d be cool.


Anyway, our kicks may not have been on point, but we put up a decent fight. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about having fun (like I say every week).

In the end, I’m glad I have a team that’s cooperative. There was something strange about the fact that the other team continued to argue amongst themselves about many calls made in the game. One person would say one thing and another person would say another, so they would argue.

The Dewey Decimators looked on with amusement.

Any loss is a bit rough, but the tradition of getting food made the night a little better. As usual, our seating arrangements were sitting wherever we could, which meant that we sat in different groups – just like every week. Inside jokes, funny stories, and comments about the latest sports things (yay sports!) kept everyone busy until the food finally arrived.

Highlight of the day: the silence that fell over the table when we all started eating. I appreciate that my teammates care so much about food.

We may not have it all together. We may be tired before our games start. We may not play our best. We may be more concerned about food than actually playing kickball.


Together, we have a good time. It’s cheesy to say… or type… but it’s the truth. Life is always busy, and just when you think it’s going to slow down, it picks back up again. Even when things aren’t going how you might want them to, it’s nice to take a step back and just enjoy the people around you (still cheesy, ugh).

At the very least, the Dewey Decimators are learning how to be great losers.

But in the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t let the Dewey Decimators’ second loss distract you from the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals.

Recreational Hazards

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