Dewey Decimators: Recreational Hazards

Kickball isn’t just for 5 year olds anymore. Adults who are off the clock by 6 in the evening, and can find other adults who have a bit of free time are able to play on recreational teams with fellow (semi) adults. The kickball league lasts for a few weeks, and there are even playoffs and such (no promises that the Dewey Decimators will get that far).

Honestly, I’m surprised kickball wasn’t offered as a college gym credit.

Maybe it was. I don’t know. I saw golf and went with that because all you had to do was show up to a golf course, sign your name, and write one essay to pass the class. Actually playing golf was optional. It was my first 100% in gym class ever.

Anyway, back to kickball. We had a nice night (almost ideal kickball weather), though it was a bit chilly.

Last night’s game wasn’t much better than last week’s game for the Dewey Decimators. Despite playing on our “lucky” field (aka the field where we won two games), we were once again decimated. 


I’m not sure what the score was, but it was rough.


On the other hand, we looked like something out of a comedy sketch. I’m pretty sure we were basically running in circles, dropping the ball left and right while stumbling over each other. There was also a great deal of laughter.

By that, I mean we kept laughing. I’m not sure if we amused the other team or if they were concerned for us.

Win or lose, the Dewey Decimators keep it interesting.


Game Highlights:

  1. Well…. not quite a highlight but one of our players got hit in the face with the ball and his glasses cut his face. My car first aid kit finally came in handy! He was ok, thankfully. Who knew kickball could be so intense?
  2. Cameron diving to catch the ball and rolling a bit. He didn’t let go. He was the real MVP.
  3. I made it as far as third base! Not quite my goal of running over home plate, but it was still pretty exciting. I was amazed I even got to first base, honestly.

The Point of it All:

Yesterday was Tuesday and I think most of us realized that it was going to be a rough week. I for one wanted to just go home after work and stare at the ceiling, not play kickball. It had been one of those days. But in the end, kickball saved the day. Losing didn’t make the game any less fun, and as always, dinner with the Dewey Decimators was a blast. We even tried a new restaurant and had a debate about tater tots…. well, I insisted tater tots were nothing special. I didn’t expect to be the only person who felt that way.

Overall, I guess the point is that it’s the little things that can make a rough day a bit better. You can’t start your week over and make it fall into place how you want, but you can take every opportunity to make the rest of the week better.

99 Problems but a Kick Ain’t One

PS – Go Cavs! Game 3 is definitely ours for the win.

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