Dewey Decimators: What a Life

Dewey Decimators: What a Life

It’s been over a week since I last posted, which means there was no Dewey Decimator post last week. Why? We had a game, but I was working late so I missed it. I wanted to do a recap post of that game, but life has been so insane lately that I just haven’t had the time to write… So… here’s a little recap from last week (12 June).

And what a game I missed! WE WON! By a lot! (I don’t actually know the score…sorry!) I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to see my team have an epic victory, but getting multiple updates throughout the night was really nice. I got text messages from the sidelines and emails from second base keeping me posted on what was happening – from the great plays, catches, kicks to the epic downpour that they played through.

That win was all we needed to be secured the final spot in the kickball playoffs (yes, that’s a thing).

Fast forward to today (19 June). We were in the running for a double header, depending on how our first game went. Despite the rather brutal heat (again, not ideal kickball weather…. too sunny and far too hot), we were excited and ready to play and just do our best. The odds were against us, but I kind of liked those odds. Being the underdog isn’t a bad thing, and we seem to be the underdog team.

The team we played against was number 8 (I think) and we were 12…. so they were considered to be quite a bit better than us. Despite this, we went out there with the mentality to win.

We lost. But only by 1 point!

To be fair, the other team was short a few people so they probably weren’t playing their best, but I’m proud of how well we held our ground. Our kicks weren’t the best they’ve been, but we played pretty solid defense… up until about the end, then we couldn’t seem to hold onto the ball.

To an extent, I felt somewhat responsible for us falling behind. At one point, I should have run to second base… I started to… and then I panicked and just stood there, resulting in the ball hitting me on the shoulder. My final chance for a good kick was less than stellar, too. It was an immediate out.

Immediately I felt awful because we were so close to winning, but my teammates are great sports and were nothing but kind and supportive. As always, we took the loss in stride and took time to go out to dinner together. We ended up at the most interesting Mexican restaurant and had quite an experience…

Game Highlights:

  • Cameron running the bases like a champ. He also had some amazing catches.
  • Ryan doing some tumble/slide/I’m not sure what in an attempt to make it home. I don’t know how to describe it, but I was equally thrilled and horrified. Thrilled because it was so bad-ass and horrified because I was worried he’d gotten hurt. Good news? No injuries. Bad news? He didn’t make it to the base. It was still epic.

The Point of it All:

I joined an adult kickball league because I had nothing going on, especially on Tuesday nights. Kylie and I wanted to try something new and meet new people, although kickball wasn’t quite what either of us had in mind. When Ryan asked if I was going to play, I just blurted out “yes”. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

That first game, I remember very vividly being angry and miserable as we stood around in the freezing rain, waiting for our game to start. I thought I’d made a huge mistake, and I was quickly regretting agreeing to play the game. I figured I would stick it out just because I had already paid to play for the season.

I didn’t expect to get into the game and have fun. I didn’t expect to be looking forward to Tuesdays, and I definitely didn’t think I would be so disappointed that our Tuesday kickball games are over until the fall. While I figured there would be some team bonding, I never thought I would end up getting to be so close with some of my teammates.

I was scared of being judged for being unathletic and terrified of the ball.  As it would turn out, no one cared. They were there for a good time and post-kickball dinner.

What wonderful thing didn’t start out scary? – Isaac Marion

In grade school, kickball felt like a punishment. Most days in gym class I sat with tears in my eyes. Everyone took it so seriously. I hated being picked last and being yelled at for striking out or not running fast enough.

As an adult, it turns out a sport for 5 year olds can actually be pretty fun.

Why? Maybe because we aren’t children with pack-mentalities that make us want to pick on the smaller, weaker, etc.

But I think it’s a little more than that.

The Dewey Decimators Were Good at….

  • Losing. We lost a lot. While losing was disappointing, it never defined us. We laughed a lot of things off and made jokes about ourselves.
  • Supporting each other. There was always a great deal of support amongst the team, but the more we got to know each other, the more we cheered.
    • Our captain definitely led by example in this.
    • And a throw back to one of my teammates who was willing to stand up for me after I got run over by someone from the opposing team.
  • Rolling with the….kicks. Some days we didn’t have enough girls, the weather was disagreeable, or we weren’t getting calls in our favor. While we might have been annoyed, I think we did a good job of working with what we had.
  • Remembering that, at the end of the day, it’s just kickball. 
    • We’ll have an even better season in the fall, I’m sure of it.

Kickball has been great. I got to try something new (something that scared me, to be frank) with my best friend. I’ve gotten to know my teammates, and sometimes we hang out outside of work and kickball.

It’s been the unexpected everything.

If I could go back in time, I’d high five myself for agreeing to join kickball. It was a great call.

My only regret? I work with 98% of my teammates… not in the same building, but I saw them often enough. I wish I had gotten to know them sooner.

Until the next season. It’s been a great deal of fun writing about this.


Here’s to Many More Kickball Seasons with the Dewey Decimators.


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