New Orleans: It’s Good to be Back

New Orleans: It’s Good to Be Back

Welcome to New Orleans, baby!

While I’m not fond of anyone calling me ‘baby’, I’ll make an exception for the good-humored shuttle driver at the airport.

New Orleans, Louisiana, take 3! This is my third trip to the Big Easy in 5 years, but this trip is a bit more work than play. In June 2013, my mom and I ventured to the city for a 2 day trip full of ghost tours, seafood, and mother-daughter bonding. In July 2017, my good friend and I packed our bags and wandered the streets of New Orleans for 4 days, enjoying the food and drinks, historical tours, and many beignets. Now I’m here as an intern and (almost) librarian for the ALA Conference.

The first time I went to New Orleans, I definitely left part of my heart there. I was mesmerized by everything about the city (except for Bourbon Street) and had an unyielding desire to go back once I got back home. When we went in 2017, I felt like I was walking on air and I didn’t want to go back home. I began to wonder if I would and could ever move so far from home, from everyone and everything I knew and loved to such a vibrant, unique place.

Of course, the city isn’t all Mardi Gras and beignets. New Orleans faces many problems being below sea-level (especially with rising sea-levels…), hurricanes, and other issues. Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005, but the damage is still present. You can see water marks on buildings in certain parts of the city, showing just how high the water was, and ‘X-codes’ still mark some of the houses…

Beautiful, tragic, and full of hope, New Orleans really is one of my favorite cities.

Stay tuned for more posts about New Orleans and ALA.


Little Librarian in the Big Easy

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