August TBR and Other Thoughts

August TBR and Other Thoughts

It’s August already??


I officially feel like I have less time to get my life together now that we’re hitting the last few months of the year.

The end of graduate school is fast approaching (18 August!), which means deadlines for days. On top of that, I just started a new job last week (Miss Sylvia or Miss Syl -haven’t decided…thoughts?-, Children’s Librarian), which has been fantastic and also a bit overwhelming as it happened completely unexpectedly. I was at work on a Friday and got a call from our HR department. They announced that I was selected to be the new Children’s Librarian at a completely different location. Oh, and I would  be starting THAT MONDAY.

I was full of emotions…. both happy and sad. Saying goodbye to my home library wasn’t an easy thing to do, but I was excited to say hello to my new library. It’s been thrilling and exhausting to say the least. And I’m very grateful at how welcoming and kind my new library has been.

I have trips coming up in September and November (hello, DC and South Carolina!). Both of which I am very excited for.

House hunting is becoming a real thing, and basically… life is becoming very real, very quickly.

Everything is charging at me at once and I’m just like…


That all sounded like a lot of whining. I’m extremely grateful for everything that’s happened, I promise. Graduation is beyond exciting and so is getting a job right out of graduate school! I get to do some fun traveling with a wonderful person I absolutely adore, and I know that soon enough I’m going to find a place to call my home.

It’s just kind of overwhelming for now. I feel like I’m being bombarded with a million different emotions and I don’t know how to juggle them. The end result of this has been an extreme amount of stress that’s been making my hyper-analyze every little thing I’m doing.

So…. yeah. I’m stressed out and in need of a nap and a bowl of ice cream, please.


Anyway…. Sorry for oversharing.

Back to the books!

Since I’m now working full time and trying to finish this degree (on top of other life things), I’m keeping it simple for the month of August. Behold, my very small August TBR!

  1. The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss)
    • I have been reading this book for quite a while. It’s the favorite book of someone very important to me so it’s high priority. It’s a longer book at 600+ pages and I just broke 100 pages today. The story is good, it’s just a bit slow. But I’m loving the writing style.51JThzjy3gL._SX306_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg
  2. A Conjuring of Light  (V.E. Schwab)
    • But wait? Haven’t you been reading this since, like, May?
    • Yes. Yes, I have. My reading time has been scarce to say the least. But I am determined to finally finish this amazing series, even though I don’t feel quite ready to say goodbye to Kell, Lila, and Holland and their Londons. 33837269._UY200_.jpg

Was this post a hot mess? Definitely.

But that’s ok, ’cause I’m a mess at the moment.


Tell me about your TBR. Or your thoughts on my Children’s Librarian name badge? Or life? Stress management tips?



4 thoughts on “August TBR and Other Thoughts

  1. Don’t read Name of the Wind. Trust me on this one. If you like good fantasy, this is not it. George Martin, Robert Jordan, Brandan Sanderson, Ian Esslemont… there are a lot of great fantasy authors out there. Rothfuss is just a junior high boy trapped in an adult body writing out some sort of wish fulfillment.


    1. I saw a few people say that on Goodreads! I’ll admit my issue with the story is that the protagonist doesn’t seem to have any flaws. It’s a little frustrating.
      But thank you so much for the recommendations! I’ll look into those authors.


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