Review: Hearts at Stake

Review: Hearts at Stake


Title: Hearts at Stake

Author: Alyxandra Harvey

Format: Hardback, owned

Published: 2010

Favorite Characters: Lucy and Nicholas

Memorable Quote: “Do we have a plan?”….. “We fight like hell”.

Rating: 5/5

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Synopsis: Solange Drake just wants a normal life, but that’s rather difficult with 7 older brothers, her crazy friend Lucy, and the fact that she is the only Drake-born daughter in her family and destined to become a vampire queen when she turns 16. If, of course, she survives her blood change. As if that isn’t enough, she has to deal with vampire suitors, various bounty hunters, and a wannabe vampire queen – all who put her family at risk. Needless to say, Solange is overwhelmed by the unwanted attention. But with Lucy and her brothers by her side, Solange might just survive turning into a vampire.



Okay, I love this book. I can’t even say how many times I’ve read it. The writing and story aren’t anything super spectacular, but it’s a genuinely funny, heart-felt, kick-ass book with lovable and unique characters and memorable one-liners.

Remember how Steve felt toward KFC in season 2 of Stranger Things? That’s how I feel toward this book.



First of all, Harvey excels in using alternating chapters for Solange and Lucy. The best friends are very different and each have their own clear voice in the story. They’re two teenage girls dealing with life, love, and vampires. Totally normal stuff… at least for them.

Solange is genuinely sweet and enjoyable to read. Lucy’s chapters are full of wit and relentless determination – with a dash of cute in regards to Lucy’s changing feelings toward Solange’s brother Nicholas.

Nicholas is the classic quiet, slightly moody, love-interest with a quick wit. The trope might be overused, but Harvey makes it seem new again with Nicholas. He’s honestly book boyfriend material. His stress about his feelings toward Lucy rivals Steve Harrington’s anxiety (we’re just gonna use a lot of Steve Harrington gifs today…):

Pretty sure this is how Nick looked when he realized he loved Lucy.

Yeah. I reread the Nicholas/Lucy scenes over and over. I ship them so much.

One non-Steve gif…

Overall, this book is fun! It’s easy to read in one sitting and you’ll probably find yourself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. I recommend this book to so many friends but they never read it. ):

True, it isn’t the next brilliant work of literature but it is a good time. My brain has been so fried from finishing my final project, getting my full time job, and other life things that I had to put The Name of the Wind and A Conjuring of Light down because they were hurting my brain too much. Hearts at Stake was a quick, easy read that put me in a much better mood.

Seriously, give this book a try. It’s enjoyable while low-key poking fun at vampire tropes. Hearts at Stake just makes me so happy.

Basically how i feel after reading this book

Reading doesn’t always have to be intense novels with a lot going on. Reading fun, cheesy, light-hearted vampire novels is still reading.



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