Review: Ms. Marvel #9 Teenage Wasteland

Review: Ms. Marvel #9


Title: Ms. Marvel #9 Teenage Wasteland

Author: G. Willow Wilson

Illustrator: Leon Herring

Published: 2018

Format: Graphic Novel (library book)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Synopsis: Where is Kamala Khan? No one knows where she has gone or why, which means that Jersey City is without Ms. Marvel. While filling in as back-up Ms. Marvels of sorts, Kamala’s friends actively search for her in hopes that she might be able to tell them where the real Ms. Marvel has gone. Captain Marvel steps in to help save the day, and she isn’t the only blast from the past. A former villain comes back, stronger than ever, and  Bruno is back from Wakanda – finally ready to speak with Kamala. To top it all off, The Red Dagger lends a helping hand to Kamala’s friends but will Bruno’s reappearance alter his chances with Kamala?


I feel like I’ve waited ages for this! Wilson once again captures what it means to be a young adult in today’s difficult (to put it gently) world. Subjects such as friendship, dwindling environmental resource, and first love are tackled with genuine thoughtfulness and some dashes of brilliant humor, making this one of the best Ms. Marvel issues to date.

While I’m not a teenager, I appreciate that this issue took the time to focus on Kamala’s friends and some of the issues that teenagers face. I also liked that Kamala’s friends had their time in the spotlight. I feel like I got to know them each a little better.

This issue had me in tears at point because of how well Wilson addressed a variety of issues. My recent miserable feelings have been replaced with a tiny seedling of hope. I wasn’t expecting to feel all the feels from a graphic novel, yet here we are. So… thank you, G Willow Wilson, for writing what I needed to read – even though it was difficult at times.

Kamala and her friends are lovable and relocatable as always. Wilson has a real talent for writing characters that are really well-developed. Their conflicts, both internal and external, are heartfelt and challenging, and the support their show one another is absolutely awesome.

Finally, the art was fantastic. Everything about it drew me in, and I found myself looking at panels over and over to capture all the little details. It was all very thoughtful and well-done.

Have you read Ms. Marvel? If not, definitely check her out! The first issue is Ms. Marvel: No Normal. The character development in the series is wonderful, and you’ll find yourself emotionally invested in the lives of Kamala Khan and friends.


We like to think we choose the people we love. But we don’t, really. Life puts those people in our path. We love them because we’re in it together. Maybe it’s destiny, maybe it’s something else. Whatever it is, it’s something real.

(cried a bit at the above quote).

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