Dewey Decimators: Rolling with the Kicks

Dewey Decimators: Rolling with the Kicks

To some people, Tuesday nights are for hurrying home to relax before trying to make it through Wednesday. For the Dewey Decimators, Tuesday nights are for kickball…. and sometimes going to restaurants that are comparable to Denny’s (interpret the quality of the food as you will).

If I wasn’t at kickball, I would probably just go home after work, throw on gym clothes (though the chances of me going to work out are slim), eat dinner, and curl up with a book or watch some Netflix. Boring, right? I like to believe kickball makes me seem a little more badass.

I know it doesn’t…. but oh, well.

Back to the game.

Our game was at 7:30, which on one hand was disappointing because it meant we would skip team dinner because we’re those people who don’t like to be out too late. On the other hand, it was nice because today was a 90 degree day and by 7:30, it had cooled off a little, which meant that we weren’t entirely miserable while playing. Don’t get me wrong, it was still hot, but playing at 5:45 would have been 10000 times worse.

We were up against that team. The team that inspired Dewey Decimators: Life’s a Pitch . Yeah. I was having flashbacks to getting run over while we were getting ready for the game. I really didn’t want to play.


The good news? No one got run over today!

The bad news? We lost… 9-3. Ouch.

While we didn’t have any remarkable plays (most of us couldn’t even make it to first base), we did have spirit. The girls on the team especially made sure to cheer for every player on our team and to just show a little extra support as everyone went up to kick.

We also did a better rotation with the girls, which meant that we each got to have a little more time in the field. Usually, I’m catcher and that’s it. Today, I was catcher, outfield, second base, and third base. As terrified as I was to get hit by the ball or run over by another player, I was happy to get to play a little more.

So, yeah, we lost, but I still had a pretty good time. We acknowledged that we didn’t play our best and that was that. Next week we’ll try again.

You win some, you lose some. We’re no longer “undefeated” but we’re still a pretty cool team. We’re pretty good about losing and just being like, “ok… maybe next time”.

Besides, can you be true Ohio sports (kickball is a sport for the sake of this) fan if you don’t live by the motto “there’s always next time”?


I like kickball, really, but I’m here for the people. I get to see my best friend more often (which means more Carpool Karaoke) and I’ve made some great new friends. I’m not the most social person, but there’s something about kickball that makes me feel a little happier to be around people.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve hit some bad luck. I’ll leave it at that, but I’ve basically felt far from myself.

Lizzie Bennet says it best

The nerves, anxiety, and other emotions have been difficult to handle.

Something about being outside and being able to run off some of the stress makes me feel better. And so does being around such great people.

The struggle is still there. So is the anxiety and sadness. But I’ll take all the little doses of happy I can get.

The Point of It All:

Just be grateful for the people who make you smile. Kickball is just a game, but my teammates are people that I really care for. I’m a terrible athlete, I word vomit like no other, and I’m just kind of a nervous person in general, but I feel more at ease with my team. They’re good people and I’m lucky to have them.

Our kicks aren’t perfect but life isn’t, either.

Kickball: Where the Unathletic Meet the Antisocial

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