Review: A Conjuring of Light

Review: A Conjuring of Light


Title: A Conjuring of Light

Author: V.E. Schwab

Format: Hardback, owned.

Published: February 2017

Pages: 624

Favorite Characters: Holland, Lila, and Kell.

Memorable Quote: “On vis och” (A fresh start. A good end.).

Rating: 5/5 stars

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Synopsis: Magic is no longer in any sort of balance as a dark force reaches Red London and turns the once beautiful city and its people into a state of decay in an effort to destroy the Maresh Empire. Kell, Lila, friends, and foes must work together in order to defeat their new enemy before Red London ultimately collapses. However, each character has their own demons they must defeat before they have even the slightest chance of saving Red London and everyone in it.


My synopsis doesn’t do the plot justice…. but I wanted to keep it simple.


Anyway, review time!

Yup, that’s my review!

I don’t think I have ever had a book that made me cry this much. I even Tweeted V.E. Schwab about the amount of crying I was doing, and if I would ever stop.

She was 1000000% correct.

This book will pull at your heart, stab it, rebuild it, and then stab it again and again… but in the best way possible! The amount of character development that happens in ACOL is fantastic, and Schwab’s world-building and story-telling is absolutely beautiful.

It took me an eternity and a half (for real, like 4.5 months) to read this book because life has been insane, but it was worth taking the time to read all 624 pages.

Problems in ACOL took time to be solved, and I appreciated that Schwab made sure that her world had rules the characters had to follow in order to solve the problems. There were a series of steps and missteps they had to take before they could reach a solution, and even the solutions to their various problems were flawed – which was nice (at least to me) because it kept things from being “too simple”. There is one book series I read where the rules of the world didn’t seem to matter, and it drove me nuts that the characters would be faced with a major problem but then solve it within .2 seconds. It just felt like cheating somehow, anyway…..

I loved seeing all the characters join together for a common cause. Despite having their own motives throughout the series, the Antari and other characters had no choice but to put their own motives and differences aside to save Red London. Let’s look a little into the characters…(I’ll include some gifs that sum up their characters throughout the book)

Kell. I’ve always liked him. He’s conflicted, clever, and thoughtful. I thought his character has been consistent through the series, and I liked seeing him come to terms with his feelings regarding the Maresh family and Lila. My only disappointment was that the questions regarding Kell’s real family remained unanswered. On the other hand, I really admired that he decided the Maresh family, despite their shortcomings, were his true family. His love of his brother Rhy shows that you don’t have to share blood to be family.

Kell’s level of stress = Steve’s.

Lila. She’s so fun. I’ve seen reviewers say she’s “Mary Sue”, but I disagree. Lila is powerful and gifted, but her flaws and lack of control show that it does not really matter how much power and potential she has if she can’t control herself or her magic. In ACOL, she has some great banter, quotes, and growth of her own kind. Although her morals might be a bit skewed, I admire that Lila doesn’t change for anyone – even Kell. She knows who and what she is and makes the best of it. Also, the parallels between her and Holland send a shiver down my spine.

Lila, always.

Holland. The White London Antari. I couldn’t stand him in ADSOM, even when it was revealed that he had no power or control because of the Dane Twins. In AGOS, I saw just how much he cared for his London, and in this final book, he absolutely stole my heart. Did Holland cause a ton of trouble? Well, yes, but the situation in Red London during ACOL isn’t just his fault. The other characters had a hand in the destruction that would be brought on to Red London. Anyway, learning Holland’s story shattered my heart. He had a brother, a lover, and a friend at one point. He only knows loss and pain, yet he wants to save the world that wanted to badly to destroy him. On a more humorous note, Holland’s seasickness was so relatable to me. I felt horrible for him. I really would have liked more from his perspective. I think Holland had the most unique voice in the story. While he is a very tragic character, he is so much more than that. He’s the oldest Antari (I believe he’s in his early/mid 30’s while Kell is about 22/23 and Lila is probably 19-21? Don’t quote me on that, that’s just what I’m guessing), and is despised by everyone. Yet he is so much more than what the others see and what his past says about him. Honestly, I found myself cheering for him until the end.

Holland’s tragic-ness made my heart hurt in a way that Loki makes it hurt.

Alucard. Y’know, I never really felt strongly for or against him. I admire that he tries to do the right thing in his own way, and that he was willing to show Rhy the darker parts of his past that he had been running from.

Alucard on a ship with 3 Antari like…

Rhy. I’ll start by saying that my mind has been blown by how much growing Rhy has done in these 3 books. Some of it breaks my heart because he has had to grow up in the most difficult ways. However, he has always been my least favorite character. I never liked him, but I really do admire him. If that makes sense.

I actually don’t have a gif for Rhy. His character in this final book can’t be encompassed in a gif. He really impressed me.

I’ll also say that I enjoyed the romance in this book. I loved that it wasn’t the main part of the story, but it was woven in very nicely!

So much happened in ACOL. Schwab built an entire world and amazing characters that I never want to say goodbye to.

So I’ll say this:


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