Dewey Decimators: Lemony Kickit- A Series of Unfortunate Innings

Dewey Decimators: Lemony Kickit – A Series of Unfortunate Innings

Remember when A Series of Unfortunate Events was a book and not your life?


But for the Dewey Decimators, unlucky innings paired with a late game did not work out. 8:15 in the evening really isn’t that late, but as we head into fall, the sun is starting to set earlier and earlier, making it nearly dark by the time 8 rolls around. Truthfully, I don’t really get why our spring games were earlier in the evening and our falls games are late because of the whole sun thing. I don’t want to think about how rough it’s going to be when the time change happens (does anyone know when that is, by the way?).

Anyway, ideal kickball weather (cool and clear skies) welcomed the Dewey Decimators to the field. Everyone was in a good mood and ready to play kickball. If anyone follows these posts, you might have noticed that there were no Dewey Decimator posts for a few weeks. Awful rain prevented us from playing, so this was our first game in a while. Also, this post in late because I was out of town from Wednesday until, well, now pretty much.

However, good weather and good moods didn’t help us play any better than usual. While we definitely did our best and held our own, we just couldn’t quite keep up with the other team. The big difference? They seemed to have more control over their kicks. For the most part, I’d say the Dewey Decimators are loose cannons when it comes to kicking. We have yet to master bunting and keeping the ball on the ground when we kick. Maybe it’s time for practice.

The other team was also in a good mood, which made the game more enjoyable. I definitely had a few laughs with some of the players when I was playing the bases (our rotation for the girls has been working really well…except I can’t catch the ball to save my life), and it was nice to see that while the other team was playing to win, they weren’t taking it too seriously.

After all, it’s just kickball.

Highlights…sort of:

Actual footage of me playing third base when the ball came flying at me:

I had one job – catch the ball. I did not catch it.

I made it as far as second base this game! I was almost to third when the ball hit me.

I hit one of the other teams’ players with a ball. That’s the good news. The bad news? He was standing, safe on the base when I panicked and just hit him with it instead of throwing it back to the pitcher.

Kylie face-palmed for me

When I made it to first base, I was so excited I yelled, “LOOK, GUYS, I MADE IT TO FIRST BASE”. To be fair…it was the first time this season I got this far.


Actual Highlight:

Most of the Dewey Decimators were able to score or at least get pretty far in running. We might not have won, but I think we’re starting to find our stride.


The Point of it All:

We’re pretty good at losing, which isn’t great, but at least we’re good sports about it. I’m happy to be on a team that cheers loudly for each other, laughs, and doesn’t take anything too seriously. Maybe we do need some practice at kicking, catching, etc….. but we’re at least a good team. Though, we probably should have been put at a social level instead of a varsity one. Oh, well!

Kickin’ ain’t easy.

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