Review: Forevermore

Review: Forevermore


Title: Forevermore

Author: Cindy Miles

Format: Paperback, SearchOhio

Published: 1 July 2013

Pages: 288

Memorable Quote: “The world will end but love and music will endure”.

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Synopsis: Ivy Calhoun is used to it being just her and her mom in their tiny South Carolina apartment, but then Ivy’s mom gets married, and Ivy finds herself moving to Scotland to live in a castle with her mom and stepdad. Moving to an entirely new country is difficult enough, but life only becomes more complicated when Ivy discovers that her new home is haunted and that some of the spirits are quite malicious.With the help of Logan, a kind spirit who has haunted the castle for many years, and her new friends, Ivy must find a way to get rid of the dark spirits while also trying to make sense of her feelings for Logan.

Review: This book is labeled as a teen book, but the writing style definitely suggests a younger teen demographic, even though the characters are ages 16-18. There’s nothing wrong with that as teens, especially younger ones, often like to read about characters that are a little older than they are.

The characters are thoughtful and well-written, but not particularly memorable. I would have liked to see more depth, but I can appreciate the various kinds of relationships that Miles depicts in such positive ways. Ivy thinks she is rebellious with her single pink streak in her hair and her unique music style, and she even thinks she is being a bratty teenager towards her mom and stepdad. Really, I didn’t think she was bratty (or rebellious) at all. Really, she seemed pretty sweet. As did Logan and their friends.

I guess the reason I rated this book so low was because there was not much of a conflict, and the problems were very easily solved without much effort or by complete accident. It was almost too structured to be a well-told story. I never got the feel that the characters had to try that hard to figure out how to handle a situation. Being a ghost really didn’t limit Logan at all, everyone believed Ivy’s stories about ghosts and evil spirits without a second thought, and basically the biggest issue of the book (I won’t discuss much because, spoilers) was solved by a random accident.

It just left much to be desired.

The descriptions were pretty general. Nothing really stood out to me, but I was able to have a pretty clear picture in my head of what everything and everyone looked like.

All in all, it just felt like something was lacking. I didn’t feel any strong emotions, even though it seemed like this book was meant to be spooky and romantic at the same time.

I’m a little disappointed, but I don’t regret reading Forevermore. It was sweet and pretty cute. Definitely a light, easy read.


A gif to sum up this book (cuz it has a 4.18 rating on Goodreads and I don’t get it):


Arrested Development fans will get this.

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