Dewey Decimators: Pitches Be Crazy

Dewey Decimators: Pitches Be Crazy

Once again, the Dewey Decimators found themselves decimated after tonight’s game. Decimated, sore, and a bit muddy. Cool, dreary weather welcomed us to the kickball field for our 7:30 game. The on and off rain over the past few days had left the field in a bit of a messy, muddy state, making it more difficult to see the lines, and easier to slip and stumble. Not to mention, the half-flat ball was challenging to kick and almost too slippery to catch (not that I can ever actually catch the ball….).

Really, I think most of us need to do a better job of stretching before we play. We mostly just stand around and talk until they announce that our game is starting and then we play, get hurt, and be like:


Anyway, we definitely played one of the more athletic teams, though we definitely held our ground the best we could. Muddy field conditions certainly didn’t help anything, but we made the best of the field situation and our abilities as a team.

Most of us barely made it to first base. I don’t think I made it at all. I mostly kicked foul balls this game, which was pretty embarrassing.

Other thought? Maybe Kylie and I shouldn’t eat chicken nuggets right before the game. Those did not sit well in my stomach while we played.

Feeling like Gob Bluth while running to first base

All struggles aside, the Dewey Decimators did show excellent teamwork in the few excellent plays we had.

I’m not exactly sure what the final score was, but I really think we held our own until the last inning.


Highlights might be the wrong word. With the muddy fields we were colliding and nearly colliding with each other and the other team left and right. Thankfully, everyone had a pretty good sense of humor about it.

The other team was amazed at one of our boy’s abilities to catch and throw the ball. He can throw it crazy fast. But the most impressive thing? The ball was flying at him when he wasn’t looking and right before it could hit him in the back of the head, he turned around and caught it.

Eyes in the back of his head? Maybe.

It was pretty cool no matter what.

The Point of It All:

We may not have it all together, but together we… well we don’t have it all, but what we have is pretty great. Even when I’m not in the mood for kickball, my teammates have a way of making me laugh and smile. I love that we all talk to each other throughout the games. The support is awesome, even when I have an epic fail of a kick, my team still cheers for me and makes me feel good about myself.

Months ago, I was anxious to join kickball because middle school flashbacks had me thinking about being picked last and being made fun of.

It’s nice to see that as adults, we can laugh together and we all feel included.

We’re a great group of lovable misfits.

And hopefully we’ll win next week’s game.

Stay tuned.

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