October TBR and Other News

October TBR and Other News

Guys, I need to get better at coming up with titles. Ugh. There’s a lot I want to say, but I can never come up with a title that can encompass it. So, I guess I’ll just give a little bit of a sneak peak of this post in the next paragraph!

In this month’s TBR post, you’ll read about…

*insert drumroll here*

  • September’s Reflection: including how well I stayed true to my goals, what all I ended up reading, and my trip to DC!
  • October’s TBR: this month is another small list cuz of OTHER NEWS.
  • Other News: Adulting and other life changes.


Let’s begin!


I felt like I hit rock bottom toward mid-August and a chunk of September. I wasn’t happy and had little motivation to do much of anything. However, I did have a bit of a turn around and the middle and end of the month got better. What helped?

I went to yoga once or twice a week. It challenged me to let go of what I could not control and to just focus on my body. Taking a few yoga classes also forced me out of the house, which allowed me to interact with more people.

I wrote. I love words. They’re so powerful, but sometimes they get too strong and start taking up all the room in my head. So I did a little bit of writing about what I was feeling and going through. Writing and reading what I wrote helped me make sense of some things.

I read. Reading was a bit of a struggle for me, as I fell into a slump. However, I did read a couple books and short stories:

  1. An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Treason (Virginia Boecker)
  2. The White Chapel Fiend (Cassandra Clare)
  3. A Conjuring of Light (VE Schwab)
  4. Nothing But Shadows (Cassandra Clare)
  5. Forevermore (Cindy Miles)

I reviewed 3/5 of the books on my blog.

I traveled. I ended up going to DC. It was a fantastic trip and the wedding was beautiful. It was a much needed break from work, and witnessing true love made me cry all the happy and hopeful tears.




October TBR:

I’m pretty proud of what I was able to read last month! I didn’t quite make my goals because I was distracted by other books and life events, but I’m feeling confident about October – although I am planning on keeping this month’s TBR short and sweet.

  1. The Secret Diaries of Lizzie Bennet (Bernie Su and Kate Rorick)
    • Okay, so I was supposed to finish this book in September. Currently, I’m about 135 pages in out of 400 pages. So…. I clearly didn’t make much progress. Depending on how closing and moving goes for the new place, I should have time to finish this book. I’m mostly reading it at work, which means I read about 30 – 50 pages a day, depending on how busy we are and how many hours I have on desk per day.
  2. Archie Volume 5: The Heart of Riverdale (Mark Waid)
    • I’m (finally) heading back to Riverdale! This graphic novel has been taunting me for some time. Volume 4 ended on such an intense note, I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to consider reading Volume 5.
  3. The Supervillain and Me (Danielle Banas)
    • This book just looks so fun. I haven’t read anything with superheroes in forever, so now seems like a good time to pick one up! Plus, the cover is adorable.
    • 35795943
  4. The Evil We Love (Cassandra Clare)
    • While I don’t really review short stories, I wanted to put it out there that I’m going to try to read another short story from Tales From the Shadow Hunter Academy. The stories have been informative and enjoyable so far.

Other News: Adulting and Other Life Changes

I’m moving! Yup. I adult-ed and got my own place. I’ve spent the past week packing and buying home necessities. I’m equally terrified and excited.

Terrified cuz, yikes, this is a huge investment.

Excited cuz, yay, I never have to share a bathroom with my brother again!

I can do this, right???


My Italian mom reacting to me moving 2.5 miles down the road:


That’s about it! The most difficult part about moving? Saying goodbye to Echo, my family’s dog. At 11.5 years old, she’s not up for a move. Besides, she’s my mom’s dog, really….and I’ll get to visit her frequently since I’m only 2.5 miles away.



Until then, Baby Groot (my gecko) and I are excited for this adventure.

Baby Groot

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