Dewey Decimators: Until the Last Inning

Dewey Decimators: Until the Last Inning

Another Tuesday, another round of kickball for the underdogs known as the Dewey Decimators. We were greeted with abnormally warm weather for October as we made our way to the field for our 6pm game. Despite having quite a few no-shows, we were still able to have enough girls and have enough people on the field to play.

Given our record as of late (losing non-stop), I think we were pretty determined to win this game.

And so we fought to the bitter end, well, until the last inning, anyway.

Really, though. The Dewey Decimators held their own with a tied game until the end when the other team managed to get one or….seven runs.

Then we were like:


I’d like to say that we managed to turn the game around at the last second, but that would be a lie. We went from holding our own to barely being able to catch the ball. Or kick it. Or do anything that would help us win.

One of our players did manage to catch the ball while simultaneously (and accidentally) elbowing the opposing team’s player in the face so hard that her head spun around and she got some decent air time. She walked it off like a champ.

Because girls are awesome like that.

Speaking of girls, it was the lady Decimators that shone during the game.

Great kicks, runs, throws, and catches by the girls kept us from falling behind earlier in the game.

Beyonce` was right, girls run the world…. or the kickball field in this situation.

But I think the boys know they’re lucky to have us.

  • Right, guys?
    • (I have no idea if any of them follow these posts).

Honestly, that’s the highlight of the game. The girls kicking ass.

Personally, I didn’t make it very far, but I did catch the ball! Too bad it’s when I was catcher and it was because someone had kicked a foul ball.

Me after catching the ball:



The Point of It All:

Sometimes in this life it doesn’t matter how much you fight, how much you want something, or how good you think you’re doing. You’re bound to lose. And you’re definitely bound to lose more than once.

Okay, that sounds kind of sad, but it’s a fact of life.

I fail a lot as a person. It’s not one of my favorite things to admit, but it’s true. Failure is part of life.

And that’s okay.

The Dewey Decimators are having a rough season with losing so much, but I don’t think the defines us. What defines us is how we treat each other, and how we handle the losses.

I’m happy to be on a team that sees “next week” as a new opportunity. Maybe we’re like this because of Cleveland sports…. or maybe we also know our failures don’t define us as a whole.

We’re a fun group of lovable misfits who love to play kickball.

And eat. We do love our food.




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