Review: Siege and Storm

Review: Siege and Storm


Title: Siege and Storm (Shadow and Bone #2)

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Published: 13 June 2014

Pages: 435

Format: Paperback, owned.

Memorable Quote: “When people say impossible, they usually mean improbable”

Favorite Character: Nikolai

Rating: 4.5/5

Synopsis: Alina wants to start a new life with Mal, one where she isn’t the Sun Summoner, but she can’t escape her past or future because The Darkling is still alive and will do whatever it takes to hunt her down and have her in his control. With the help of Mal, a cunning privateer, and some new friends, Alina returns to Ravka to save her country. She is surrounded by people who see her as a saint, witch, and everything in-between – including The Darkling’s magic. Time is running out for Alina to determine who she is going to be and who and what she is fighting for.

Review: **If you didn’t read the first book (Shadow and Bone) this review will certainly have spoilers! Check out my Shadow and Bone review here**

It’s rare to read a second book in a series that doesn’t fall into a sequel slumpSiege and Storm builds off Shadow and Bone by focusing on Alina’s more internal conflicts as a major external conflict approaches her. She is torn between wanting the life of a Grisha and living a normal life with Mal. Part of her is still curious, although more fearful, of The Darkling, and she battles her own thoughts frequently as her desire for control and power threatens to engulf her.

I love some internal conflict, so to me, this was a pretty great read. The tension was built up with the knowledge that The Darkling was hunting Alina and friends while they try to unite the First and Second Armies into something that can possibly stand a chance against The Darkling, his Grisha, and his shadow monsters.

Is it bad I still really kind of love The Darkling? I know how horrible he is. I’ve read this series multiple times and yet….. -sigh-. Part of me always hopes he can change, like Zuko. Yes. I want him to have a Zuko moment.


Anyway, Siege and Storm may not be as intense as other books because most of it involves everyone planning out how to stop The Darkling, but I like to see the book as something similar to a movie montage. You know, like when someone in a movie learns and becomes more talented all while in the course of a 3 minute song?

Except with this it’s a 435 page book.

I see no difference.

As for characters, all I can say is that Mal kind of becomes the worst in this book. I know he’s a teenage boy, but I cringed at how he treats Alina sometimes. It feels like he always wants her to know and understand exactly what he’s thinking and how he’s feeling, when he isn’t exactly perfect at understanding her.

Communication is so important.

Unpopular opinion:

  • *I don’t ship Alina with anyone* Not Mal, not Nikolai, and not The Darkling. I dunno. I just like the idea of it just being her.
  • I need to write a post about my unpopular bookish opinions.

This book also dives quite fearlessly into the intensity of religion, and what it can do to people. Alina has a devoted followers who are willing to die for her. They see her as a living saint and worship everything about her. It’s unnerving to read.

But there’s also dark magic, witty one-liners, flying ships, names written in blood on church walls, and plot twists for days.

Leigh Bardugo takes you on quite a ride in this stunning sequel.

Did you read Siege and Storm? What did you think! Share all your Grisha thoughts with me!!! 🙂

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