Review: To Make Monsters Out of Girls

Review: To Make Monsters Out of Girls

**Note: this book deals with abusive relationships**


Title: To Make Monsters Out of Girls

Author: Amanda Lovelace

Format: Hardback, Library Book

Published: 18 September 2018

Pages: 168

Memorable Line: “love does not need to be tragic in order for it to be good.”

Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis: This book of poetry explores the memories and results that come with being in an abusive relationship.


In To Make Monsters Out of Girls, Lovelace challenges readers to consider their past relationships through poetry, specifically those relationships that were more then unhealthy. Images are also utilized to emphasize the words on the page, making the poetry even more intense and vibrant.








which was a nice change of pace. Some of the poems are just small paragraphs, but without proper capitalization.

Some of these poems still spoke to me (I’m still in that angsty poetry mood), though I did not feel them quite like I did the poems in Lovelace’s other installment, Women are Some Kind of Magic. However, these poems challenged me to really look back on my past relationships and made me think about how I want to be treated and how I can do better in treating someone I am romantically involved with, neither of which were easy for me to do. I think everyone can be unfair in relationships, even unintentionally.

The power in the words was still there, and I truly admire how brave Lovelace is for publishing a book like this. Abuse is extremely difficult to talk about, let alone publish for the entire world to read.

Again, poetry is subjective…so to each their own in regards to how they feel about the writing style, but credit is certainly due to the power behind the words.

I thought the message of hope was very vibrant in this collection of poems, and that it was written in a very thoughtful, subtle way – which I really appreciated. It showed that things might not be okay for a long time, but the healing process is a slow thing and that there is always hope.

Have you read To Make Monsters Out of Girls? What did you think?


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