Review: Snow in Love

Review: Snow in Love


Title: Snow in Love

Authors: Kasie West, Aimee Friedman, Melissa De La Cruz, and Nic Stone.

Pages: 256

Stories: 4

Published: 30 October 2018

Format: Paperback, library book

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Rating: *Note: the rating is an average of the stories* 3.5 stars

Synopsis: 4 stories in one book. I’ll review each story separately and summarize them there.


  1. Snow and Mistletoe – Kasie West (4/5 stars)
    • In this short story, Amalie is trying to get home to her family for Christmas, but a snow storm traps her in the airport. She’s afraid to face her family, but even more afraid that she won’t see them because of the weather. By chance, she runs into her former classmate, Sawyer. He, his friends, and his older sister are also trying to get home, and decide to rent a car in an effort to beat out the storm. Amalie decides to go with them, and ends up on a snow-filled road trip filled with secrets and crushes.
      • I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed this story. Amalie’s internal conflict over seeing her family really tugged at my heartstrings because the fear of disappointing the people you love is intense. However, the story remained upbeat and the characters were likable. The story was cheesy, as it was meant to be, but there was also a lot of heart there. I thought the road trip trope was well done, and that the story was very fun overall. Definitely a strong start to this book of stories!
  2. Working in a Winter Wonderland – Aimee Friedman (3.5 stars)
    • Maxine is more of a Hanukkah girl, but this season, she isn’t feeling any holiday until she runs into her long-time crush, Heath, who offers her a job at his father’s store. Maxine is thrilled. With this job, she can work in fashion, be around Heath all the time, and save money for her dream New Years dress. After all, Heath says she’s perfect for this job. Unfortunately for Maxine, the job he had in mind is to dress as an elf on the Christmas floor. Also, Heath isn’t around all that much. Still, Maxine tries to make the best of her situation, and finds herself getting a Hanukkah miracle in return.
      • I liked Maxine. She’s determined, quick-thinking, and full of wit. I don’t think I could have handled working as a department store elf – even if it was for the dress of my dreams. What I really liked about this story is the amount of character development that happens in such a short amount of time. Maxine learns to see the best in the various situations she encounters, and comes out a better person because of everything. I enjoyed how relatable she was in terms of love and thinking she knows what she wants. We’ve all been Maxine at one point.
  3. The Magi’s Gifts – Melissa De La Cruz (1.5 stars)
    • Kelsey and her boyfriend Brenden didn’t grow up rich like Kelsey’s friend Gigi. With Christmas and Gigi’s birthday around the corner, they find themselves shopping for each other with small budgets. Both will make sacrifices to make the other happy – but they are in for a Christmas plot twist.
      • I don’t have much to review about this story. It’s just disappointing, because it’s the same Christmas story we’ve heard since childhood about selling your most prized item to get your significant other something that goes with their most prized item. There was nothing creative about this story, and the characters had no depth. I don’t really see teenagers enjoying this story – I think it’s insulting to their intelligence.
  4. Grounded – Nic Stone (4 stars)
    • Leigh is stuck at the airport while trying to come home for Christmas, and she finds out that her childhood friend, and first crush, Harper, is also stuck at the airport. Through texting, Leigh begins a scavenger hunt that will lead Harper to her. However, she is worried that Harper will find out about her feelings, and tries to keep the game going as long as she can.
      • This book was a lot of fun. A great deal of it took place through texting, which I thought was very clever, and there were serious discussions about race, wealth, and identity that really added to the story. Leigh and Harper were both thoughtful, well-written characters who could be funny, serious, and very real. Everything about this story felt so real. Overall, it was a great read.

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