Dewey Decimators: Here We Go Again

Dewey Decimators: Here We Go Again

362 days ago, the Dewey Decimators stood in the freezing rain, grumbling, shivering, and sighing in our red kickball shirts as we prepared for the first spring game. It didn’t feel like spring, and I remember the only thing keeping me somewhat warm was the heat from Kylie’s glare into the back of my head.

“Let’s play kickball!” I had said a couple weeks prior. “It’ll be fun!”

While it didn’t seem like we would have much fun in that moment of 40 degree weather and relentless icy-cold rain, we ended up having a blast.

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Who knew librarians (and friends) plus kickball would equal such a good time?

So, here we are, about a year later, playing for the Dewey Decimators again.

Tonight, however, was almost ideal kickball weather – it was a bit windy and cloudy, but other than that, pretty nice. 

Just like in the fall, we stood in our blue shirts – new and old faces all ready to play kickball.

Of course, with new players, meant there would be some changes to what position everyone played. I’m usually the catcher, but for this season, I’m in the outfield.

Initially, I didn’t take that news very well. I was panicked, to say the least.


Why? Because I’m not exactly known for my ability to catch the ball, especially when it’s in the air and coming at me quickly. I am, however, known for my ability to run from the ball, or duck with my arms covering my head.

But, by some miracle, I didn’t mess up playing outfield – or third base! I can’t say that the ball really came my way, but I was ready for it the couple of times it did. I definitely had a confidence boost when our captain seemed confident in my abilities.

It also helped that everyone around me had my back. I am always and forever appreciative of my teammates.

Because it was the first game of the season, the energy on the field was pretty solid. We might have been a bit rusty from not playing all winter, but we were in good spirits and determined to win. We started off strong with good kicks, passes, and catches, although we started to get a bit messy toward the middle of the game – which seems to be a consistent issue, but we found our groove toward the end of the game.

So how did we do?

Well….We tied… 5-5.

Should we have tied? The Decimators will tell you no, we shouldn’t have. I’ll just say that I’m proud to be on a team with strong values that doesn’t try to cheat to win.

A tie obviously isn’t a win, but we’ll take it over a loss.

Kylie and I ended our night at Taco Bell with Baja Blast Freezies and a concerning number of tacos. YUM.

Game Highlights:

  • One of our players threw his entire body over a base so everyone, especially the ref, would see that he was safe. It was a pretty good laugh.
  • A few of our guys took some risks that ended up working well by running home from second base. I wish I could be that brave!
  • I don’t have the right words to explain it, but we had some good plays. Yay teamwork!

The Point of It All:

Kickball should be a way to relieve stress. It’s meant to be light-hearted and fun, and I’m glad the Dewey Decimators keep it that way. My teammates don’t taunt players on the other team, pick fights with the ref, or snap at each other. We’re just here for a good time – though we will speak up if something is unfair.

Here’s to a good season of kickball with the coolest kickball team around!



Did you miss our faces?



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