Dewey Decimators: Pitch Perfect

Dewey Decimators: Pitch Perfect

There are things in life that are certain – Ohio weather is not one of these things.

Prior to the Dewey Decimators’ 7pm game, it was pretty warm and humid out. It was the perfect weather for shorts. Unfortunately, when Kylie and I arrived to the field about 10 minutes before the game started, the temperature had plummeted, and we were shivering in our shorts and t-shirts.

Thankfully, we brought jackets.

Speaking of things not being certain, even Kickball Tuesday isn’t certain. There wasn’t a Dewey Decimator post last week because the game was cancelled due to flooded fields. We’ll make up that game some time in June, I believe.

Anyway, back to tonight’s game. The Decimators, though cold, were ready to win. The last game’s tie ending was discouraging and fueled our desire to not be the worst team in the social league.

This game, we definitely seemed to have it together. The muddy field gave us slips, trips, and falls, but it didn’t slow us down or make us miss (too many) catches. The other team was a pretty solid contender for us, and we almost ended up in a tie. However, the Decimators persisted and the final score was 5-4. We only won by a point, but a win is still a win!

While we’re pretty good losers, it definitely felt good to win for once, ¬†especially since I had a decent catch and a good throw that got someone out. Yes, I slipped, tripped, and fell while catching the ball, but I like to think it looked pretty bad ass. Plus, it was a major confidence boost, which later helped when I was moved from outfield to second base. Initially, I was terrified and just wanted to be protected by my teammates. I figured they could keep me from getting hurt. Then I remembered:

giphy (1)


Playing outfield and second base is way more fun than being catcher!

Good banter, moods, kicks, and catches definitely made this game pretty great. The only thing that could have made it better? If we’d gone out to dinner as a team. We were determined to win, but even more determined to get home and go to bed.

I know I was definitely exhausted and fell asleep not long after getting home.

The point of it all:

Winning isn’t everything, but it does feel pretty good. It feels even better when it was a fair win, and that we had a lot of fun – even when we thought we were going to end the game with a tie. We joke with each other and tease one another, but most importantly, we support each other – no matter what happens during an inning.

I think part of why I dreaded playing a new position was because I was afraid that I would mess it up and everyone would be annoyed with me.

The truth is, everyone is just playing for a good time. I had a good game tonight, but I know that if it had been a bad game, my teammates still would have been happy to have me there.

Ugly and proud


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