Dewey Decimators: Technically Undefeated

Dewey Decimators: Technically Undefeated

Ohio weather can be extreme as, “expect two inches of snow, but end up with a foot of it”, or it can be as mildly annoying as, “except a sunny, 60-something degree day, but end up with a cloudy 60-ish degree day”.

Today, we ended up with the mildly annoying sort of weather, where it felt colder than it actually was. This lowered team enthusiasm, especially for the cookout we were supposed to have after the game.

However, because of the planned cookout, we found our determination to win. A cookout is meant to be fun and celebratory, it’s a way to end a victory – not a loss.

With that – we set out to remainĀ technically undefeated!

The other team put up a good fight, but our kicks and catches were on point and our slips, trips, and falls were minimal. We were victorious!

Game highlights:

  • The ball bounced off one player’s head and into another’s arms. It was a great catch to end the game.
  • I made it home – twice!
    • the second time didn’t count. I was told “don’t run” (because the ball was in the air), but I panicked and ran. Sadly, I didn’t make it home before the ball was caught. On a more amusing note, everyone got a good laugh that I ran home and “ruined” the inning with the biggest smile on my face.

Our post-game cookout was quite a success. Everyone brought a contribution to the picnic, and we enjoyed many hot dogs, cheeseburgers, cookies, chips and dip, and s’mores. YUMMY! Our teammates at the grill did an amazing job cooking, and everyone else made for wonderful company. We shared a lot of laughs and took quite a few photos.

We proudly declared ourselves Technically Undefeated (since we tied our first game), and happily agreed that social league is a good place for us (however, if by some chance we win the social league championship, we have to play JV/Varsity in the fall league).

The Point of It All

Technically undefeated is still undefeated. Food is a great way to motivate people. If you’re going to ruin an inning, do it by mistake and with a big smile.

Enjoy the little things.

Kylie didn’t feel well so she skipped the game. šŸ˜¦ Enjoy my very accurate drawing of her. I wonder why I got a C in middle school art….

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