Dewey Decimators: One Kick Wonders

Dewey Decimators: One Kick Wonders

I’m glad I waited on using the title “One Kick Wonders”, because it was especially relevant tonight as we only scored one point. Oof.

That being said, it was a rough game for the Dewey Decimators. Last week’s game had been cancelled due to rain, which was fine with Kylie and I because we were in NYC.

Still, spirits were high and we wanted to remain “Technically Undefeated” for another week.

However, we were put against a team that was entirely on point – from kicks to catching. We were short a couple players and were far from on point. We did more stumbling and dropping than anything else.

But, hey, we scored one point! So at least there’s that.

Losing a game wasn’t easy, especially when we so badly wanted to be “Technically Undefeated”. Losing keeps us humble though, and there’s always next week!

I’m just happy to be on a team that shrugs off a loss, rather than getting mad at one another. We took our first loss in stride, despite everyone being quite disappointed. They say, “you can’t win ’em all”, but it would have been really cool if we could have!

Game Highlight

  • It’s more of a low. I was running to first, got hit in the back with the ball right as I stepped on the base, and then collided with the player on said base. I landed in a half-split with my ankle twisting the wrong way under me. It really hurt, and my ankle was swollen for a few days. As it turns out, I bounce off people. Being tiny has its disadvantages.
    • But I’m grateful that my team was concerned for me, and that I was able to sit out the next inning!

Until next time!

smiling through the pain

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