Dewey Decimators: The Empire Kicks Back

Dewey Decimators: The Empire Kicks Back

With temperatures in the mid-70s and the sun shining, it was the perfect day for kick ball. Even more importantly, it was the perfect day for a come back.

After last week’s loss, the Decimators were feeling a bit uncertain about this week’s game. With the playoffs just two weeks away, winning was crucial.

But no pressure.

We were short on people again this week, which can be rough. On one hand, fewer people means more opportunities to kick, but on the other, it also means having to play new positions that are pretty much unfamiliar.

In my case, this meant having to play second base.

On the outside I was like:


But on the inside:


It was stressful, but I was surrounded by my fantastic teammates who are really good at catching the ball.

For a while, we were tied with the other team, then they got the lead, then we took it. The difficult part, of course, was keeping the lead, especially when we were so evenly matched.

Both teams were so on point with their kicks and catches that it honestly could have been anyone’s game.

Thankfully, it ended up being our game. We held on to that tiny (1 point, I believe) lead with all our might and came through victorious. I think just about everyone made it home, or helped someone else get home with a fantastic kick.

Game Highlights:

  • I got to kick second! I did make it home once, but I helped get our team captain home quite a few times with some solid bunts.
  • Every catch in this game. There were some crazy ones that could have ended up being slips, trips, and falls.
  • The ball was flying in the air, pretty close to me. My teammate yelled, “I got it”, and I ran out of the way yelling, “You got it” (spoiler alert… he caught it).
  • Our library director came to watch us play! She was super supportive and attentive to our game. It was a fantastic surprise.


One more game until the playoffs!



Making new friends

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