Review: Ms. Marvel, Vol 10: Time and Again

Review: Ms. Marvel, Vol 10: Time and Again


Title: Ms. Marvel, Vol 10: Time and Again

Author: G. Willow Wilson

Illustrator: Nico Leon

Colorist: Ian Herring

Format: Graphic novel, library book

Pages: 216

Published: 27 March 2019

Rating: 4.5/5

Synopsis: Kamala continues to juggle her superhero life with her every day life, and it becomes more challenging by the day. She can’t even have a sleepover with her friends without Jersey City falling apart! Kamala and Bruno begin to fix their broken friendship and discover old, complicated feelings, and a new villain will put Kamala to the test as her powers begin to glitch out on her.


I’ll start this review by saying that I am absolutely heartbroken that G. Willow Wilson will no longer be writing Ms. Marvel. I am truly thrilled to hear that Saladin Ahmed will be writing The Magnificent Ms. Marvel. I can’t wait to keep reading Kamala Khan’s story, because it is a spectacular one!

On that note, thank you, G. Willow Wilson, for all the love you have put into Ms. Marvel. This series really holds a special place in my heart, and I recommend it to all the kids (and adults) who come into the library, looking for a new hero. Kamala Khan and friends are most definitely my heroes.

I read this installment with tears in my eyes the entire time. It was an ending and the start of something new at once, which is really special. Kamala and her friends have grown so much since Volume 1, and it’s amazing to see where they’ve come and how they are still going to face some difficulties.

I think Kamala/Ms. Marvel is the most relatable and realistic hero. She’s flawed, she means well, tries her best, is constantly learning, and cares so deeply for everyone and everything around her. Her stories have tackled challenging issues, and though this last installment was a little more light-hearted in its storylines, it still tugged at my heart the entire time.

Friendship, choices, family, religion, and identity have been ever-present themes in this series, and Wilson has managed to build on every single one without them becoming tiresome.

There are some really good life lessons that any person (kid, teen, or adult) can recognize and appreciate. And the way they’re written! Wow! It’s like someone is speaking to my soul. Can we get a book on Ms. Marvel wisdom?

Volume 10 ties everything together nicely, and will leave you will tears in your eyes.

My favorite storyline was Bruno and Kamala working on their friendship. It’s what I’ve been wanting for quite some time! It’s very delicate, thoughtful, and full of love. It honestly put some of my current life issues in perspective for me.

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