Dewey Decimators: Just Another Game

Dewey Decimators: Just Another Game

With the seemingly-neverending rain canceling multiple games in a row, it felt like the playoffs would never happen. The kickball season should have ended mid-June, yet here we are, in July with more storms on the horizon.

Tuesday seemed less than promising with the weather forecast predicting severe thunderstorms; however, these storms ended up hitting just about every area except where we play kickball.

So after a brief rain delay, it was game on – playoffs edition!

Last season, we made it to the playoffs, but were eliminated within the first round. We were determined to make it all the way this season, and despite a few sloppy innings, we made our way to the championships.

And who did we play?

The team we tied in week one. We were especially determined to beat them because we all felt that it was because of bad calls that we tied the game. However, the anxiety was real because we barely made it through the playoffs.

But in the wise words of one of our players, “it’s just another game”.

While we tried to keep the mentality that this was just any other game as to not make ourselves play worse…. we still had a bad game.

Where to start?

I’m not sure. We just kinda stumbled through each inning, either doing a pretty good job or failing miserable. There were no in-betweens.

The other team was loud, obnoxious, and pretty much un-sportsmanlike, but the refs didn’t say anything.

In the end, we lost – big time.

At first the mood seemed down, because, well, losing kind of sucks and for once we thought we had a championship. Then we remembered – we were second place! To celebrate that we’d made it farther than ever before, we went to snack on some bar food (funnel cake fries, 10/10 would recommend, by the way!).

It was a really good season for the Dewey Decimators. We came short of winning it all, but, as corny as it sounds, I think we won just by being the team we are. I love that my team plays fairly and is respectful of the other team and each other. We also support each other and don’t tear each other down over bad plays or kicks.

It is just kickball, after all.

And just like we say for the Cleveland Cavs, Browns, and Indians…. There’s always next year. 

Maybe fall 2019 will be the Decimators time to win the championship. It would be our first championship win in the entire history of the team, which I believe is about 10 years old.

Come fall, be sure to cheer for your favorite group of librarians, IT guys, security guys, and friends as we enter our next season of after-work kickball.

Your favorite underdogs


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