Review: Vampire Crush

Review: Vampire Crush


Title: Vampire Crush

Author: A.M. Robinson

Published: 28 December 2010

Pages: 403

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Favorite Character: Sophie

Rating: 5/5 stars

Synopsis: Sophie’s life was normal until James Hallowell, her childhood friend/enemy, moved back to town. Not only that, but her school has new students with strange fashion choices and even stranger food preferences. Even James is acting  strangely, and he seems to know the new kids.

Sophie knows something is going on, and she will do anything to prove that the new kids are not normal teenagers. However, she can’t ignore that despite how weird James is being, she can’t help but feel a new attraction towards him.


Vampire Crush is one of those books that I’ve read at least 5 times since it was first published. It’s such a fun, easy read that makes me laugh out loud every single time. Most recently, it’s also helped pull me out of a book slump that was the absolutely worst I’ve never had. I actually felt ashamed for reading and reviewing.

Seriously, whatever happened to vampires in YA books? This book proves just how funny they can be, as it makes fun of the entire vampire trope, and our hero, Sophie is the perfect mix of sass and misguided genius. Not to mention pretty relatable and riddled with realistic flaws.

While Vampire Crush might not be the next classic work of literature, readers can appreciate that the book is a good time with some thoughtful insights, such as step-siblings (Sophie and Caroline) actually getting along and caring about each other, the things grief makes us do and think, and what it means to truly be a good friend.

With a light romance and nonstop laughs thanks to Robinson’s witty writing, most readers will be able to fly through this new take on teenage vampires. Sophie and James make a great team, and their flirting is equally awkward and adorable.

The only think this book is missing is a sequel.


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