Review: Once Upon a Marigold

Review: Once Upon a Marigold


Title: Once Upon a Marigold

Author: Jean Ferris

Published: 1 June 2004

Pages: 271

Format: Hardback, owned, first edition

Memorable Quote: “Nobody ever gets enough appreciation when they’re behaving themselves, but there’s no end to hearing about it when they’re not. ”

Rating: 5/5 stars

Synopsis (from Goodreads): Christian is gaga for Princess Marigold. But he’s just a commoner, and no match for royalty. Heck, he lives in a cave with a troll! And now he’s discovered another reason to put his love-soggy heart on ice: Queen Olympia is scheming to take over the kingdom–and she’ll bump off her own daughter to do it. Can Christian foil her diabolical plans?


This is maybe the tenth time I’ve read this book? I’ve been reading it since it was published back in 2004, haha. Once Upon a Marigold holds a really special place in my heart because I read it over and over when I felt most alone in the world.

Ferris brings her world to life with the clever Christian and the cursed Marigold. This book pokes fun at fairy tale tropes, meaning that it makes fun at itself a bit, but in a way that is so sweet and funny. 

If you enjoyed The Princess Bride chances are you will enjoy Once Upon a Marigold. Because it is a tween book, it is a bit fluffier, but the similar humor and cute-factor are present the entire time. 

Christian and Marigold are relatable characters who are wonderful to read about. It’s impossible to not cheer for them, even if they’re a bit sappy and lovey-dovey with each other. 

It’s refreshing to see that Christian sees so much in Marigold. She’s the “plain” princess, which he doesn’t understand because she’s smart, resourceful, kind, well-read, and so many other great qualities. He is unafraid of her curse and accepts her for who she is.

Similarly, Marigold appreciates Christian for his character. She does not care that he’s a commoner. To her, he is so much more than that.

The pure love between the two is refreshing, and I never get tired of reading it.

So if you’re looking for a fun, fluffy read that has lots of fairy tale elements and a few twists – be sure to check out Once Upon a Marigold. 

Happy reading!




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