Down the TBR Hole #6

Down the TBR Hole #5

  • Down the TBR Hole was created by Lost in a Story, and is a way to reduce one’s inevitably out of control TBR. You pick an amount of books every week, read over their synopses, and decide if they should remain on your TBR.
  • I’ll try to include pictures where I can. For now, I’ll be attempting 10 books per week! Hopefully this helps make my TBR a little less insane.

Okay, so it’s been well over a year since I’ve made an effort to clear some books from my Goodreads TBR. YIKES. But I think I’m ready to get back into the swing of things! As of 23 February 2021, I have 2002 books on my tbr shelf. I know I won’t read all of these, and there are definitely several that I no longer have a desire to read. I’m re-reading the plots of each book to help me decide if I want to read them.

With that, I’m still working through the books I added in June 013. My goal, as always, is to let go of more than I keep.

Let’s go!

Here is the list of 10 books that are on the chopping block:

What I Didn’t Say (Keary Taylor)

The Last Vampire (Christopher Pike)

Between (Jessica Warman)

Forbidden (Syrie James)

The Edge of Never (J.A. Redmerski)

The Tragedy Paper (Elizabeth LaBan)

In the Shadow of Blackbirds (Cat Winters)

Crush (Lacey Weatherford)

Never Cry Werewolf (Heather Davis)

The Mayfair Moon (J.A. Redmerski)


I’m saying goodbye to….

The Last Vampire



The Edge of Never

The Tragedy Paper


Never Cry Werewolf

Mayfair Moon

Basically, I feel like I’m not as interested in these books as I should be. I don’t see myself ever picking them up, and I don’t want to keep wasting space on my tbr.

I would call this round of pulling books a success! I kept 2 and dropped 8! Let’s hope next week is just as good!


3 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole #6

    1. I feel it! I think I get so overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning off my shelves. I keep reminding myself that I can always add the books back if I ever change my mind, and that definitely helps.

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      1. That’s very true. Sometimes, I go through and realize that I didn’t remember putting it on there. I have no idea what the book is about and it’s just nice to clean it out.


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