Dewey Decimators: Slips, Trips, and Falls

Dewey Decimators: Slips, Trips, and Falls

Near-darkness welcomed the Dewey Decimators to an extremely muddy kickball field. After a day of persistent rain, we were pretty surprised to be told that it was still “game on”. Fall weather in Ohio means more rain, darkness, and, of course, mud. I’ll never understand why everyone, especially in Ohio, romanticizes fall weather so much. It’s a lot of rain and temperatures going up and down, up and down until you get a pressure headache or your sinuses act up.

But that’s just me. I like the warm weather. It’s nicer to my sinuses and my Raynaud’s disease. (Want to learn more about Raynaud’s? Click here ! I was diagnosed in high school. It’s caused me a fair share of issues (mostly having freezing hands and feet and sometimes loosing feeling), especially with cold weather. But if you know someone with it, this website explains it pretty well.).

Back to the Dewey Decimators.

Arguably, it wasn’t that cold to some, but I was absolutely freezing. Aching fingers, hands, toes, and knees made me worry that I wouldn’t be able to kick, run, or catch (okay, I can never catch). But the catching concern was extra real because Kylie wasn’t at the game, so I had to cover her on third base.

The team we played featured a familiar face. One of the players on the opposing team happens to work for the same library that the majority of the Dewey Decimators do. Fun fact: He actually works at my old desk at my 2016-2017 library job!

That wasn’t the only surprise. A few of the students from that branch came out to cheer for their coworker… and me! They made an adorable sign and didn’t laugh too much at my multiple slips, trips, and falls.

The Dewey Decimators were mostly ready to play, though mildly disappointed about having to play after such heavy rain. We knew we were up against a true varsity team. I believe this team gets really far into the playoffs/whatever every year. This knowledge was a bit daunting, and the team did not disappoint with their kickball ability.

As for the Dewey Decimators? We tried. We really did. Some kicks were better than others, but our catching was pretty great this game. Everyone was determined to catch the ball and ran full speed at every chance.

I don’t quite fit into that, though. While on third, the ball came flying toward me. Normally, I duck and run away, but the stakes were higher this time because the bases were loaded. I caught the ball! But it was so slippery that it popped out of my hands! Then I caught it again! And then it slipped again. It was like slow motion, but the end result was the ball falling to the ground, and three players from the other team making it home – which ruined our tied game.

I truly felt like Ben Wyatt.


But it’s ok! I think we still had fun, despite another loss….(there’s always next week!).

My personal highlight was that my kicks were right where they needed to be. I nearly made it home! I was just about to cross the home plate when one of our players got out, making it our third for the inning.


  • As the title of this post might have implied – SLIPS, TRIPS, AND FALLS!
    • My knee is bruised from kneecap to ankle from slipping and falling so much. I managed to collide with someone’s cleats.
      • This is what I get for wearing tennis shoes with no traction….
      • My total falls: about 5
  • Awesome kicks.
    • Sure, we lost 9-5…. but we scored 5 points! We were mostly doing something right!

The Point of it All:

This was my first game of kickball without my best friend by my side, which was weird for me. I was in a different carpool and there was no Kickball Carpool Karaoke. But it was a lot of fun to ride with some different people. I got to talk a lot to our librarian friend who keeps score for us. I also didn’t have to worry about driving (love you, Kylie, but your driving scares me).

Despite not having my best friend, I still had a great time. I haven’t known the people on the Dewey Decimators for that long, but they’re such a welcoming group. Win or lose, I’m proud to always be with them. And, of course, I’m grateful for my old coworkers and the banner they made!

Until next time! 🙂

Low quality photo, high quality friends.


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