Dewey Decimators: We Get a Kick Out of Winning

Dewey Decimators: We Get a Kick Out of Winning

It was a cool, but sunny evening as the Dewey Decimators made their way to the baseball field for the third game of social league kickball. After last week’s win, we were excited and ready to remain “Technically Undefeated” (we tied our first game).

Given that winning is something that’s pretty new to us, this seemed like a big goal. Win another game. No pressure, right?


Well, spoiler alert, we pulled it off and won another game! Despite a few teammates finding themselves injured (one girl took a hard kick to her ankle by a guy on the other team who decided to slide to the base), we did it.

We started off strong, but definitely slipped up a bit when the ref said he was going to call the game a mercy by the 4th inning if we got all three of their kickers out right away. I think this jinxed us because that was definitely our worst inning, and the other team managed to get quite a few runs. Oops. But we laughed at ourselves! I think for the most part, we were more amused than anything else.

In the end, one sloppy inning doesn’t really matter because we were victorious.

Memorable Moments:

  • One kick got three of our players home. Our kicks were definitely on point.
  • I was playing outfield, and feeling pretty confident…. until the ball came flying towards me. The good news? I didn’t duck! The bad news… Instead of trying to catch the ball, I tried to kick it while it was coming at me. The impressive news? I can kick way over my head.
    • My team and the other team laughed at me for that.

The Point of It All

  • There’s definitely no shame in playing social league kickball. I actually feel like we’re in the right league, instead of being the ultimate underdogs in JV. I’m just glad to be on a team where we can laugh with each other and cheer each other on as much as we do. I don’t think my middle school self would ever imagine that any future version of myself could possibly like kickball. Yet here we are.



Kickball: It’s Not Just for 5 Year Olds Anymore

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