Dewey Decimators: Our Kicks Don’t Lie

Dewey Decimators: Our Kicks Don’t Lie

(Yes, I’m quite the Shakira fan).

Anyway, it’s been one week since the Dewey Decimators lost 13-5 to a team that was quite rude, and had no issues running people down for no reason (Dewey Decimators: Life’s a Pitch). We had time to lick our wounds and refocus for tonight’s game, which happened earlier in the evening. Despite the beautiful sunshine and agreeable temperatures, there was definitely some anxiety in the air as we all arrived at the baseball field, waiting to see who we were up against. Everyone worried that we would be facing another hyper-aggressive team who lived and breathed kickball. Who did we end up facing?


Librarians vs Scientists.

For a better picture of our team, one of our players (who had to miss the first 2 games) showed up tonight wearing golf cleats, swim trunks, and his Dewey Decimator shirt. Our team screams underdogs and nerds. We don’t even have to open our mouths. Our team name speaks for itself.

Speaking of our team name, the scientists loved it! They also loved our Dewey Decimator banner, which we finally remembered to bring! We held it up quite proudly throughout the game and during team pictures. I’m hoping to have a photo to share in next week’s Dewey Decimators post.

The team of scientists were not particularly athletic (but neither are we), but they were a group of fun, smart, and kind individuals who were truly enjoyable to play because they didn’t take the game seriously. We won. By, like, a lot. They took the loss with ease and congratulated us for our win. They were the definition of good sports. Truthfully, it eased our tension and anxiety. We all relaxed within minutes of the first inning when we saw that this team of scientists, like us, were just playing to have fun after work.

I really wish we could play them again.

Game highlights:

  • While playing outfield, I ran to help Gary when the ball slipped from his hands. I tripped over my own to feet and fell on my face.
    • Everyone saw.
  • James kicked an amazing home run that scored us most of our points.
  • While running to third base, the other team threw the ball at me. I tried to jump over the ball but still got hit.
    • Bernie remarked that I somehow made the event look graceful…”like a graceful gazelle”
      • I am the least graceful person on the planet, so I gobbled up that compliment…. even though I got out. Maybe one day I’ll make it to home plate.
  • “We won two games so far this season. It’s a Dewey Decimator record!”


The point of it all:

Last week we played a team that acted like those guys in high school gym class who treat every sport like the Olympics. This week, however, we played a team that just wanted to have fun. The difference was astonishing, and not just because we won. We were actually enjoying ourselves, and we had a great time playing the other team and hanging out with them in the parking lot. Attitudes can make all the difference in the game – whether you’re winning or losing. Kickball is just a game, and it was nice to play with a group of people who also believed that.

Also, not getting run over this game was amazing. The only bruises I have from tonight’s game was from tripping over my own two feet!

The team:

Finally, it’s really neat to see how much more comfortable we are with each other. There’s more banter between the players, and we’re all getting into the habit of cheering for each other more and more.

We didn’t go out to dinner as a team tonight because our game was at 7:45 and went to well after 8 (some people get up early in the morning), but we are all hopeful to get dinner together next week. Kylie and I ended up at Taco Bell, celebrating with too many tacos and slushies. Not our healthiest meal, but it was a nice treat.

Until next time.

Love, always,


Kickball isn’t how we thought we’d spend our 20’s, yet here we are.

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